Tailored solutions for extra capacity

Do you need a complete airport terminal, but only for a short duration?
Our CapacityPlus service is just what you’re looking for: A complete airport terminal, including check-in counters, safety systems for passengers and baggage, and a complete baggage handling system along with all the necessary facilities and auxiliary systems.

Specifically designed for airport logistics providers and event managers, CapacityPlus can accommodate temporary passenger peaks, for example, during large events. Temporary terminals can be set up either in existing buildings or lightweight constructions – even in tents. A tailored solution giving you extra capacities quickly, including:

  • Requirement and feasibility analysis

  • Fast concept, design and implementation according to your requirements

  • Provision of temporary staff for technical operations and maintenance (e. g. subcontractor management)

  • Disassembly and removal at the end of the project