Mail Sorting

Proven processing performance at every step

From pre-processing to sequencing our portfolio of proven mail sorting systems delivers highly reliable performance across the entire mail processing chain. Whether letters or flats, our solutions support high throughput and availability – helping you to effectively address any challenges that may come your way – now and in the future.

Culler Facer Canceller (CFC)

The CFC 3004 handles both regular letters and flats as what they are – valuable machinable mail. After having been faced and stacked – and if required cancelled – the bigger part of your flats leaves the CFC 3004 perfectly prepared for direct induction in a flats sorter.

Integrated Reading and Video Coding Machine (IRV)

The IRV 3000 represents the latest generation of Siemens’ letter sorting systems – established reliable technology combined with the most recent innovations. The future-proof system with an optimized footprint – using a compact processing line together with a 2-Level Sorter – boasts the highest throughput available on the market today.

Compact Letter Sorter (CLS)

The CLS is based on the product platform 3000. It uses innovative technology together with field-proven modules for high efficiency, process quality and system performance. Even with its compactness, it is highly configurable in functionality and provides optimal ergonomic working conditions – all this on a minimized floor space. The CLS is available in two basic configurations: as a Compact Sequence Sorter (CSS) and as a Compact Reader Sorter (CRS).

Open Mail Handling System (OMS)

The new generation of efficient and ergonomic flats sorting equipment, the OMS, meets market requirements for high throughput and processing of a wide range of mail – from postcards to all types of flats and small parcels. Capable of handling up to 50,000 items per hour, it transports mail with great care, ensuring maximum stacking quality.

Recognition and More

Parcel and postal services need reading and coding solutions for a host of demands. The relevant information for processing is contained on every item. Our core competence is the fast and reliable extraction and interpretation of this information for sorting and delivery purposes: machine- or hand-written addresses written in Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic or Chinese characters; linear and 2D barcodes; stamps, stickers, logos and labels – extracted from images generated by single or multiple cameras.