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Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics welcomes you at POST-EXPO 2017 from September 26 to 28 in Geneva. We will show you our innovationve solutions to optimize your logistics chain from end to end. Siemens can help you to identify potential efficiencies in the sorting and transport process, enabling you to increase your competitiveness.
Come and visit us in hall 4, on our stand 1010!

Exhibition Highlights


Reliable and cost-effective flow splitting
Wherever the parcel stream should be splitted, whether to sort out rejects or redirect certain parcels, our VarioRoute is the solution to use. A platform of individually controlled rollers transport a large variety of parcels in different directions.

Intelligent Data Entry Workplace (IDEW)

Efficient and flexible address-reading
IDEW is a semiautomatic system from Siemens that brings the sophisticated recognition systems common in automated processing environments to delivery preparation and pre-sorting. By leveraging these advanced recognition capabilities, IDEW makes the manual processing of letters, flats, and parcels both more efficient and accurate.

Visicon Capella

High-capacity processing of small items
Visicon Capella provides the perfect solution for high throughput singulating of a bulk stream of small items. It employs a sophisticated delayering module that ensures that items are not lying on top of one another during singulation.


One platform, flexible modules
The LogX4 IT platform is an innovative solution that combines all SPPAL software products. This reduces complexity while at the same time creating transparency, thus allowing efficiency potential to be identified and leveraged along the entire logistics chain.