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With this newsletter we‘re opening an additional channel of communication: Two times per year it features news about Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics‘ products, projects and events for airports and airlines. The informative newsletter focuses on a wide range of main themes drawn from the fields of baggage, cargo, software and service.

No. 19/18: Driving innovation

As the digital transformation progresses, Siemens, airports and airlines are collaborating more closely than ever. With an agile project approach, we work with our customers to develop and test our solutions in real-life operation. The latest example of this approach is the strategic partnership with Munich Airport

What’s more: Bernd Struck, Senior Vice President of UAE Cargo & DWC Airline Services at dnata, explains how Siemens is helping introduce digitalization into his company’s operations. And we introduce you to the state-of-the-art baggage handling system Siemens has recently commissioned at Incheon Airport.

No. 18/17: On a growth course

Successful upward trend: Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics is well positioned in the airport, parcel, service and IT sectors. Incoming orders are at a new high. The company is using this position to focus more strongly on customers and to expand in a targeted manner.

What’s more: Everyone is talking about digitalization these days. Combining its logistics experience and IT know-how, Siemens is able to assist its customers with the digital transformation. Recent examples include Heathrow Airport in London and renown ground handler dnata in Dubai. Read more about the Internet of Things in an interview with Prof. Dr. Michael ten Hompel.

No. 17/17: The new Siemens tray excels around the globe

The new Siemens tray for large transfer airports excels around the globe: Implementation is underway in the Chinese megacity Guangzhou and in Incheon, South Korea. In Amsterdam it’ll be on display at Passenger Terminal Expo. An introduction to the innovative product.

What’s more: SPPAL has recently won major new orders. Examples include a state-of-the-art baggage handling system for Paris and an innovative cargo handling system at London-Heathrow. There is also an overview of new factory in Constance where SPPAL manufactures quality products for customers around the globe.

No. 16/16: Siemens’ experience and know-how are in great demand in China

China is expected to overtake the United States as the world’s largest passenger market by 2030. To deal with this development, airport construction activities are increasing considerably. For example, Siemens is expanding the baggage handling system at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

In this issue you’ll find more examples of airports – whether in the USA, Italy or the Middle East – that rely on Siemens. Behind these successes is the company’s strategy to maximize customer benefit by addressing customer needs locally, and carrying out project management and customer service on site.

No. 15/15: Siemens extends Baggage Handling System at Munich Airport

The extended baggage handling system provided by Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL) has successfully completed a three-month test phase at Munich Airport. The system is at the heart of Terminal 2 and the new satellite building due to open in spring 2016.

What’s more: To be closer to the customer, SPPAL has established regional companies all over the world, whose main focus lies with sales, project execution and service. This issue takes a closer look at the companies in the United States and China.

No. 14/15: The perfect answer for torn and twisted bag tags

Siemens is currently testing the new Baggage Vision System at Changi Airport Singapore. The new solution is also one of the highlights that Siemens presents at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo in Paris.

What’s more: Major new projects – for example at Los Angeles International Airport – prove that Logistics and Airport Solutions always have been and always will be optimally positioned to be your partner of choice.

No. 13/14: Groundbreaking innovations: Logistics and Airport Solutions’ revamped portfolio

In the last two years, Logistics and Airport Solutions (LAS) has significantly increased its budget for research and development. In this issue we introduce some major Airport Logistics innovations.

What’s more: Logistics and Airport Solutions operates as an independent company within Siemens. And Cathay Pacific Services Ltd reports on the first year of operation of the new cargo handling system at Hong Kong International Airport.

No. 12/14: Service around the globe: A vital part of Airport Logistics’ flexible and efficient portfolio

This issue explains the complete range of services and highlights current service contracts in Madrid and Munich. An interview with the operation and maintenance manager in Dubai rounds the story off.
What’s more: There are a number of strategically important new orders like the baggage handling systems for Incheon Airport and for Dallas Fort Worth. And brand new products like the Smart Tilter and a Baggage Vision system prove Siemens’ innovative force.

No. 11/13: It’s all go at Airport Logistics, as various projects all over the world prove

The business unit has just completed four CapacityPlus terminals in Angola and won a number of strategically important new orders for example in Dubai, Munich and Milano.

Michael H. Lampen, head of Airport Logistics, and Dieter A. Heinz, president of GATE, agree that the unit will remain a key player in the industry, no matter who the future owner may be. What's more: Three years ago, Siemens implemented a baggage handling system at Dublin Airport that is still going strong.

No. 10/13: Customers can continue to count on Logistics and Airport Solutions

Siemens’ divestment plans are an opportunity for optimization. Customers can rely on a continued partnership and the business unit’s decades of experience and innovative strength.

Logistics and Airport Solutions’ CEO Jörg Ernst gives three good reasons to stick with the business unit. What's more: Siemens introduces a new early bag store called Baggage Warehouse which goes into operation at Dubai Airport; a cooperation with Materna further enhances Siemens new self check-in system SiCheck.

No. 09/12: A partner for US airports

Cost-effective design solutions and minimum impact to ongoing operations make Siemens a favorite among US airport operators.

North America is home to more than half of the world's busiest 20 airports. Siemens is a trusted partner for airport operators in the US, as projects in Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles and Dallas prove.

What's more: An interview with Copenhagen Airport, an update on the Siamos suite at Münster Osnabrück Airport and the introduction of the Crystal in London, the world's largest exhibition dedicated to the future of cities.

No. 08/12: Total Airport Management System

A comprehensive IT solution for sustainable and efficient airport processes.

Airport operations are complex due to a large number of processes, contraints and dependecies as well as stakeholder interests and responsibilities. Ever-changing variables such as weather add to the complications. With all these factors it schould come as no surprise that for a given day events often take a much different direction than what was originally planned.

No. 07/11: Keeping ahead of the rest

Improving the baggage handling system at Munich Airport's Terminal 2.

Operators at Munich Airport are continuously striving to run a world-class airport. And their efforts are being recognized: for the sixth time this year, Munich Airport topped the European rankings in the 2011 World Airport Awards. When it comes to baggage handling, Siemens has established itself as a trusted partner for Munich Airport.

No. 06/11: Green Health Check at Hamburg Airport

Inspections help operators improve the airport's environmental balance further.

Hamburg Airport became the first in Germany to join the ranks of airports worldwide that have already undergone a Health Check. Using well-structured questionnaires, Siemens engineers examined in cooperation with airport personnel the energy efficiency of the terminals, hangars, aprons and airport lighting as well as the office buildings.

No. 05/10: Improved airport systems and flows at Münster-Osnabrück

Siamos suite to go online with the start of the 2011 winter flight schedule.

When airport representatives visited the Siemens Airport Center in Fürth, they were convinced by the Siemens approach and later signed a contract for the installation of the modular Siamos suite. The components in the Siamos suite promise a transparent information base that provides operators with an exact overview of passenger, baggage and supply flows, so that processes can be optimized and closely coordinated with one another.

No. 04/10: CapacityPlus terminals for FIFA World Cup

Temporary terminals master short-term passenger crowds.

Siemens Logistics and Airport Solutions made its contribution toward getting everybody to the matches on time. Siemens installed two temporary CapacityPlus terminals at Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein airports in South Africa to increase their capacities to handle the short-term flood of passengers. After only seven weeks of on-site installation, Siemens handed over both terminals and received the customer acceptance one week ahead of schedule.

No. 03/10: Green and efficient airport solutions

Siemens helps to protect the climate and save money.

The aviation industry has taken decisive steps to counteract climate change. Nevertheless, no one will dispute that there still remains a great deal to be done. This issue introduces Siemens’ environmentally friendly airport portfolio. What’s more: New baggage, cargo and service orders and an interview with Commander Chen on the performance of Siemens’ baggage handling system at Beijing Airport.

No. 02/09: Adapting to changing market demands

How Siemens is bearing up against the economic crisis.

The company's strength as complete solution provider is really coming to the fore now. Our worldwide presence and our technological expertise also score well with our customers. Two airports experts highlight how Siemens is riding out the crisis. What's more: A review of the inter airport, state-of-the-art products for the green and efficient airport, and new projects.

No. 01/09: Baggage handling now and in the future

Ideas and solutions for the airport of tomorrow.

Sibag Cross is Siemens’ hybrid tray and belt system that processes bags and suitcases in a gentle, fast and reliable way. Siemens regards baggage handling as an end-to-end process. That means our experts do not just consider the baggage handling system in itself, but look considerably beyond it.

What’s more: An interview on the successful extension of Madrid’s baggage handling system, good marks in a Maintenance Business Review, a new air cargo security system, and new projects.

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