Postal services is a matter of getting the mail from the sender to the recipient quickly, reliably and economically: SILOG News keeps you informed about Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics´ latest developments regarding even faster delivery services thanks to automation solutions for post, courier, express and parcel services

Issue 2017: OMS – a perfect example for sorting flexibility

The OMS is the optimal solution for sorting flats, small parcels and rest mail

Further contents

  • News from New Zealand, US, Germany and Switzerland

  • Development and manufacturing under one roof

  • Digitalization – make a worldwide IoT reality

  • LogX4 – new IT platform

  • VarioRoute for efficient flow splitting

  • Mobile-PRO: Longer life for telescopic conveyors

  • Tailored solutions for sorting small parcels

Issue 2016: Restmail sorting system for CTT

SPPAL delivers innovative VarioSort Twin to Portuguese postal Service

Further contents:

  • Interview with Dionisia Ferreira, Executive Member of the Board of Directors at CTT

  • New Test center in Nuremberg

  • News from China, Sweden, Australia and Germany

  • Smooth flowing thanks to digitalization

  • Siemens software garners award from Postal Technology International

Issue 2015: Siemens equips SingPost's new regional e-commerce logistics hub

E-commerce is the driver behind SingPost's parcel hub in South East Asia

Further contents:

  • LAS becomes SPPAL

  • 50 years of automated mail sorting made by Siemens

  • Worldwide spare parts secure investment and production

  • Simulation depicts reality. Emulation tests actual control software

  • Intelligent software for logistics hubs - SPPAL and AXIT complement each other

Issue 02/14: Siemens offers its online Transparent Supply Chain Suite powered by Axit

Mastering the relay race: transparent from end to end

With the Transparent Supply Chain Suite from Logistics and Airport Solutions, everyone involved in the delivery chain race knows the status of each delivery at each step.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Lord of the machines - centralized intelligence controls systems and readers at Canada Post

  • Flexibility before speed - No fear of change

Issue 01/14: Automated parcel handling in limited space with high throughput

UPS feat – expansion during running operations

The European UPS hub for express parcels at Cologne/Bonn airport has boosted its parcel-sorting capacity to 190,000 parcels per hour.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Rapid readers – the pioneers of machine reading art boost recognition rates

  • Flexible and future-oriented – process control system with built-in flexibility

  • LAS will be a separate company under the Siemens umbrella – headed by a new CEO

Issue 02/13: Flex Video Coding refines outward code

Austrian Post sorts flats using ORCA and fingerprint technology

For about a year now, five Siemens Open Mail Handling Systems (OMS) have been sorting flats in Austria – faster and more ergonomically than before. The installation of a sixth OMS is planned for 2014. High-performance scanners capture the address data of each item, and a special, flexible video coding system supplements the data beyond the postcode. This enables automatic assignment to the mail carrier – a feature that has been in operation for some time now in letter sorting machines.

Other topics in this issue:

  • The unloader - Rubus unloads via joystick

Issue 01/13: Sort plans adjusted automatically

A new IT basis for Canada Post’s nationwide sorting concept

Previously, the sorting system at Canada Post was characterized by heterogeneous, single solutions .For some time, Canada Post has been working with a new IT architecture and solution from Siemens. Consistent address data and comprehensive, rule-based sort-plan management help to master the complexity.

Other topics in this issue:

  • System speaks Hindi - India Post merges letter centers and speeds things up

  • Innovation lab - taking a broader view

Issue 02/12: Automatically sorted - down to letterbox

Swiss Post organizes the delivery process even more efficiently

When it comes to organisation, Switzerland’s nationwide mail sorting system has long been setting the standard. Swiss Post operates three centralised letter centres as well as six logistics centres and two coding centres spread across the country. In autumn 2011, Swiss Post kicked off the Distrinova project for the next stage of logistic optimisation. The project paves the way for automatic mail sorting in line with the mail carrier’s route – right down to individual letterbox level.

Other topics in this issue:

  • New name - From Infrastructure Logistics to Logistics and Airports Solutions

  • Nanjing sets up Asia's largest express mail logistics center

Issue 01/12: Parcel bulk unloading system triples throughput at the gate

Efficient parcel bulk unloading starts with Siemens Variomove

The bigger and bulkier the parcels, the more time-consuming and laborious their unloading was – up until now. The technology behind Siemens Variomove, which is unrivalled in the market, simplifies everything. And for its efforts in making this possible, Siemens Infrastructure Logistics received the Logistics Innovation Award.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Fascinating technology - Pattern recognition is more than address reading

Issue 02/11: Small drum separates thick mail from thin

The CFC 3004 can even handle the flats that people post

In the past, you could spot a pre-processing machine from afar thanks to its huge drums – the modules at the front of the machine which separate the mounds of letters. Now, Siemens has shrunk this drum down, while significantly extending the functionality of its new Culler Facer Canceller CFC 3004 at the same time. This means that even flats up to envelope format C4 – previously too large for machine handling – can now be processed.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Automation - Trucks that practically unload themselves

  • Traffic node - The port of Hamburg is where the world's logistics flows converge

Issue 01/11: “Anybody who wants to deliver more efficiently has to tackle the whole process”

Future-proof sorting strategies filter down to house number and letterbox

The mix of letters, flats, newspapers and parcels is not the same everywhere. Only one trend is paralleled the world over: the number of delivery points is increasing while the amount of letter mail is generally falling. The greatest potential for savings can be found at the delivery stage, as this is the least automated part of the system. Significant savings can only be realised, however, if the carrier sequence is taken into account in the previous processing stages.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Dematerialized mail - Trust-Ebox is also an attractive solution for large companies

  • Logistics today and tomorrow - Projects from Siemens combine logistics flows

Issue 02/10: Innovation: Flats finally automatically processable at last

Even weighing and cancelling are now possible

Minimising unnecessary work: while in the past the smaller standard letters were prepared fully automatically for subsequent machine sorting, all flats had to be processed by hand. The new Siemens machine series CFC 3004 has now put an end to this once and for all.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Common-sense solution to flats sequencing

  • German-Chinese project at EXPO in Shanghai

Issue 01/10: Alternative post scenarios, just a click away

The best way to optimize the postal supply chain? With experience.

The most enduring postal networks and structures are those which have developed over long periods of time. However, from time to time, it is worth taking a closer look and embarking on a little re-engineering to bring costs down, to comply with CO2 footprint regulations or perhaps because new business models require new approaches. This is where the Siemens Postal Solutions consultants from Constance come in, bringing their extensive knowledge and broad experience to the drawing board.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Your mail and and you: together forever - Trust-Ebox finds its recipients, wherever they are

Issue 02/09: Flourishing innovations in the green sector

Pinching and scraping to save resources

As specialist in infrastructure, Siemens Mobility has long been working to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for transportation and logistics – not at least in the area of postal automation, where a number of green innovations have already been successfully put in place.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Climate change and mobility - "Climate protection is a means of tackling the crisis"

Issue 01/09: Conveyor and sorting systems – an intelligent combination

Siemens core products for Cargo & Parcel logistics

Throughput and availability – these are the two watchwords for postal and logistics service providers. In response to these business stipulation, Siemens has extended the range of conveyor and sorting technology solutions within its own products. The innovative singulation technology in the Visicon Singulator saves both space and operating costs, while the ingenious combination of mechanical elements and IT helps create cost-effective conveying and sorting modules.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Productive & Energy-Saving - Around half a million flats sorted automatically at the Munich mail distribution center

Issue 02/08: Logical logistics in Switzerland

Flagship Postal Project

The time has come: In 2009, Swiss Post will be putting the finishing touches to its biggest-ever modernization project. The Re-Engineering Mail Processing (REMA) project has turned the old concepts of logistics and sorting on their heads as it ushers in a scheme of centralization and automation that will not only incorporate greenfield sites, but also see the development of a landmark-protected, historical building.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Mail on the move - a letter's journey through the Härkingen mail distribution center

  • Postal bikers - scooter deliveries in Australia and Switzerland

Issue 01/08: Smallest plant on the market ready for changeover

A pilot plant for Deutsche Post AG

The pilot sorting system for standard and compact letter mail, designed by Siemens for Deutsche Post AG, kills many birds with one stone: the machine is a lot more compact, more economic to run and more ergonomic than the previous one. It offers not only savings in maintenance costs and energy resources, but can also be installed with lightning speed while current plant is running.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Always on hand - Reading and coding resources in the ORCA-Cluster prevent failures

Issue 03/07: Ingenious combination – the Multi Product Sorter

The movement concept saves a lot of energy

The Multi Product Sorter (MPS) from Siemens deals with several problems at the same time: the unwelcome rest of the mailpieces can be sorted automatically, the simple design requires less energy - and it is an ingenious combination of tried and tested mechanical, control and organisational solutions from Siemens.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Bringing post to the eyrie - Postman Dilip Kumar from India is a delivery man, reader and translator

  • Gold Medal - Arabic writing is rapidly and precisely recognized in an ICDAR competition