Proven processing performance at every step

Our proven portfolio of mail sorting systems offers you extremely reliable performance with high throughput and availability across the entire mail processing chain.

Efficient pre-processing

The Culler Facer Canceller (CFC 3004) processes regular letters and almost all flats with the greatest efficiency. It faces and stacks items, and cancels them if necessary, leaving them perfectly prepared for further processing in a sorting machine.

Sorting with the highest throughput

The Integrated Reading and Video Coding Machine (IRV) offers an innovative letter sorting system with an optimized footprint. A compact processing line is combined with a 2-Level Sorter – resulting in a system that boasts the highest throughput available on the market today.

Compact letter sorting

Even with its compact form, the Compact Letter Sorter (CLS) offers optimal ergonomic working conditions in two basic configurations – as a Compact Sequence Sorter (CSS) or as a Compact Reader Sorter (CRS). Thanks to innovative technology and field-proven modules, it guarantees high process quality and system performance.

Ergonomic flats sorting

The Open Mail Handling System (OMS) guarantees high throughput and processing of a wide range of mail – from postcards to all types of flats and small parcels. It ensures maximum stacking quality – at a throughput of up to 50,000 items per hour.

Automatic Reading and Coding

Our technology extracts machine- or hand-written addresses from images captured by single or multiple cameras – whether written in Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic or Chinese characters. It also recognizes linear and 2D barcodes, such as stamps, stickers, logos and labels.