Efficiently and flexibly meeting your needs

With Siemens as your reliable partner, you benefit from innovative parcel sorting systems and software solutions – which offer great flexibility and route parcels quickly and safely through the sorting center.

Singulating in the smallest possible space

The Singulator Visicon can singulate up to 9,000 items per hour in a continuous flow without recirculation, so it can operate in the smallest possible space. Visicon tracks and controls the conveying speed and orientation of each individual parcel – and can be customized for various facilities and applications.

Flexible and straightforward sorting

VarioSort offers cost-effective sorting solutions – with elements that can be easily adapted to your requirements. The VarioSort Twin adds greater flexibility by having two cross belts on each carrier. This means two smaller parcels can be transported at a time – for higher system throughput and optimal use of space.

Modular diversity for belt conveyor systems

Our VarioBelt is modular, easy to operate and requires very little maintenance – designed for reliable and smooth processing of a wide range of items.

Automatic Reading and Coding

Our technology extracts machine- or hand-written addresses from images captured by single or multiple cameras – whether written in Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic or Chinese characters. It also recognizes linear and 2D barcodes, such as stamps, stickers, logos and labels.

VarioRoute: Reliable and cost-effective flow splitting
Wherever parcel streams should be split, whether to sort out rejects or redirect certain parcels, VarioRoute is the solution to use. Its unique architecture of independently pivoting roller lines and individually driven rollers arranged in rows allows very flexible manipulation of transported parcels.