Software for airport logistics

Keeping airports running reliably and stably is a great challenge. Help is at hand with our solutions across the entire automation pyramid: from low-level hardware and controls to high-level information technology.

Baggage Base IT

With our integrated, component-based IT solution Baggage Base IT, baggage handling processes are driven by special software components. Examples include planning and scheduling, baggage screening, early bag storage and facility visualization.

Baggage Vision System

The solution for illegible baggage tags is Baggage Vision System. It combines bar-code reading with optical character recognition (OCR) to identify the flight number and destination airport. As a result of the improved recognition rate, considerably fewer baggage items have to be diverted to manual coding stations.


Our intelligent data management solutions help you create a basis for a high-performance evaluation of process-relevant data and an effective presentation of information. Siemens’ dashboards deliver a complete real-time view of process data – in control centers as well as on mobile devices. As such, they deliver a sound foundation for reliable decision-making processes.

Dock & Yard Management (DYM)

Our DYM software enables systematic planning and control of tightly scheduled transport processes within the yard areas and docks of sorting facilities, thus helping to significantly reduce turnaround times. The seamless integration of transport and unloading processes optimizes the use of resources.

Planning, Prediction & Control System (PPC)

Our PPC allows sorting center operators to significantly improve their planning quality and optimally employ available resources. PPC closes the control gap between the process chain within a hub and the surrounding processes.
PPC provides automated and standardized planning and control functionality. It highlights future problem areas, immediately detects exceptional situations and helps keep reaction times short.

Cargo Compact

Cargo Compact manages the entire material handling of a cargo center. It comprises functions such as build-up and breakdown handling, order processing, administration of manual areas, statistics and dashboards. State-of-the-art 3–D visualization provides an overview of all technical and logistics information.