LogX4: One platform, flexible modules

Cost pressure and high volatility mean that our customers need to act in an agile manner, which presents a variety of challenges – such as late flights, increasingly individual end customer requirements and reducing complexity.

LogX4 Identification

Identification of mail data is essential in postal/parcel processing.

ARTidTM – The Art of Identification – is a barcode-less Fingerprint technology, whenever a barcode is not present, not readable or application is not economical. It eliminates 100% of the costs for labels, toner, printer and maintenance of related equipment.

LogX4 Networks: Address Data and Sort Plan Management

Postal operations require consistent, centralized solutions for their network-wide sorting strategy. The ADM-SPM software suite handles address data for the sorting process, provides address directories for recognition systems, and automatically creates multi-level sorting plans for sorting facilities.

LogX4 Hubs: Planning, Prediction & Control

Our PPC allows sorting center operators to significantly improve their planning quality and optimally employ available resources. PPC closes the control gap between the process chain within a hub and the surrounding processes.

PPC provides automated and standardized planning and control functionality. It highlights future problem areas, immediately detects exceptional situations and helps keep reaction times short.

LogX4 Analytics: Predictive Maintenance

Complex systems with high availability requirements don‘t allow for any component failure, e.g. baggage handling between airport terminals.
Predictive Maintenance and Analytics lead to

  • highest reliability and availability

  • risk reduction of operational interruptions

  • cost optimization in regard to operating failures

AX4: Supply Chain Management

AX4 creates the preconditions for a successful collaboration of shippers and logistic service providers by displaying company branching processes and integrating the different systems and participants. They integrate all participants, offer transparency, standardize processes and reduce complexity.